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tv   American Artifacts  CSPAN  November 28, 2014 1:57pm-2:01pm EST

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close it in to support it. while the quote battle of fort steven was going on abraham lincoln not that far away came out to the fort and he actually got up on the pit to look out to see where the troops were. there were actually some sharpshooters who took shots at him. they did not hit him. one of the -- the story is and i've often wopd wondered whethes is true or not, oliver wendell holmes was said to have said, get down, you fool, meaning get down before you get shot. i doubt that that happened but there are people that said that is what oliver went dadell holm said. but he stood up here to see where the enemy troops actually
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were. >> you can watch this and otherern many artifacts programs any time by visiting our website, you're watching american history tv all weekend every weekend on c-span3. we're also featured on holidays and during congressional recesses. saturday at 8:55 p.m. eastern historian henry discusses george washington's relationship with benedict arnold. he looks at how washington's response to arnold's failed plan to deliver west point to the british offers insights about washington's leadership and character. that's at 8:55 p.m. eastern time on saturday here on c-span3. pulitzer prize winner james risen on how the u.s. government wastes billions of taxpayer dollars on the war on terror. >> stewart bowlen was really the only u.s. official who became
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really tried to investigate what happened, all the money that the united states sent to iraq. and there were different estimates. over $11 billion of the roughly $20 billion in iraqi money that the united states sent back to iraq was unaccounted for. and what stewart boeings' investigators found was that nearly $2 billion in cash, in $100 bills, was stolen after it was flown from andrews air force base to baghdad. apparently by powerful iraqis. and was being hidden in a bunker in rural lebanon. >> sunday night at 8:00 eastern and pacific on c-span's q and a. and join us sunday december 7th as we get an insider's view of covering presidents from geraldford through barack obama. as we talk with ann compton who recently retired after more than 40 years as white house correspondent for abc news.
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we continue our coverage of symposium on the 1864 presidential election. thomas horrocks looks at lincoln's published campaign biographies which were wide spread at the time and outlined his qualifications and personal life. he also examines how public opinion changed throughout the campaign. the lincoln group of dc hosted this hour long event. >> so let me begin by waving his book, tom horrocks has written a book on lincoln's campaign biograph biographers. tom is the former director of the john hay library at brown university. john hay, of course, was one of lincoln's two secretaries. tom holds a ph.d. in history from the university of pennsylvania and is the author, editor of six books including "popular print and popular medicine, health advice in early american


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